Conflict Minerals

APA team has over 10+ years of regulatory compliance experience such as IMDS, REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals in serving various OEMs and Tier-N suppliers across the globe. We are currently working with several thousands of supplier base of our existing customers in performing the due diligence to their CMRTs

CMCS - Conflict Minerals Compliance Suite

APA’s Conflict Minerals Compliance Suite is an automation software that simplifies the Conflict Minerals Reporting process.

Key Compliance checks such as sanity check, cross-referencing between 3TG questions, cross-referencing between 3TG and Smelter Details are completed within minutes. The software not only saves significant time and cost but also greatly improves the accuracy of the data.

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Benefits of the Software

  • Comprehensive CM compliance reporting
  • Reduce cost and time of CM compliance
  • Highly secure, customized instance
  • Central repository for managing all the CMRTs
  • Export all data in user friendly MS Excel formats
  • Custom modifications

Key Features of the Software

  • Cloud based application
  • 1 click supplier feedback report
  • Error free , duplicate free auto smelter consolidation
  • Intuitive GUI with smelter and supplier statistics
  • Supports multi-division / multi plant reporting
  • Historical YoY analysis

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