Reaching the REACH deadlines 2018

The final registration spell of REACH Regulation is fast approaching, plays a greater impact on the small and medium sized companies.

Companies must register pre-registered substances that are manufactured or imported substances in low volume between 1 to 100 tonnes a year at the European Chemicals Agency [ECHA] by 31 May 2018.

Based on the substances which results from chemical reaction, manufacturing and chemically modified are exempted to register with ECHA.
ECHA launched a set of new webpages related to REACH 2018. These outline the phases leading to a successful registration.
The pages help companies to begin their preparations and give them easy access to the current information on the agency’s website.

Specifically, ECHA proposes a “six step plan” for a successful registration

  • Know your portfolio
  • Find your co-registrants
  • Share data and get organised with co-registrants
  • Gather and evaluate data and assess hazard and risk
  • Prepare and submit your registration dossier

This initiative of ECHA, is meant to urge companies to start preparing for the last registration deadline.

For more details, please visit the below link.

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