APA Engineering is one of the largest managed solutions provider for European Union’s ELV Directive Compliance (commonly referred to as  IMDS).

We offer turnkey IMDS solutions to some of the most reputable OEMs and their supply chain network. Our solutions comprise both services by domain specialists and a powerful IMDS compliance management software called MDS Xpress.

APA’s IMDS team has rich experience in providing customers with complete material compliance solutions as per customer requirements.

With APA’s proficiency in multiple OEM IMDS / material restriction standards, efficient usage of IMDS PLMs such as Enovia’s Materials compliance Central (MCC), Team Center for Environmental Compliance (TcEC), iPoint and multi discipline engineering professionals, we deliver end to end compliance solutions to our customers. What our customers gain out of our IMDS services is planning their infrastructure, identifying disposal techniques and Recycling & Recovery methods and this will also help in the future Design & Development of your products.

ELV / IMDS Compliance Challenges

  • Creation of an accurate BOM for materials demands in-depth knowledge of  chemical substances and composition.​​
  • Multiple Regulations (and updates) around material & substance declaration
  • ELV, REACH, GADSL, ROHS etc.​​
  • Submission requirements vary from one to other customer. Need to follow the centralised criteria for all customers in order to avoid multiple rejections​​
  • Manually managing IMDS submissions for large size BOMs (or) a large quantity of BOMs is cumbersome and  prone to errors.​​
  • Suppliers may not have any / adequate training on IMDS, resulting in more errors in incoming data.​​
  • Suppliers are in a different time zone (& language)​​

Our IMDS Solutions

IMDS Service Offerings:

1. Validation of MDS:

  • Using the interfaces A2, IMDS web interface, iPoint, MCC, TcEC, SAP, PSA MACSI, AIAG sheets and customized sheets.
  • ELV, GADSL, RoHS, REACH, Regional and Country specific regulations

2. Creation of MDS:

  • Using the interfaces A2, IMDS web interface, iPoint, MCC, TcEC, SAP,PSA MACSI, AIAG sheets and customized sheets

3. Supply Chain Follow up:

  • Complete follow up for MDS and Data gathering, SVHC and ELV Hazardous substance elimination, Surveys.

4. RRR and Regulatory compliance Support, Consultation:

  • RRR support to customer as per ISO 22628
  • Other regulatory compliance support
  • Consultation for PLM implementation and improvement


The following tasks are accomplished by APA’s material compliance specialists​​

  • Analyse customer's BoM to find out missing info. (supplier details, parts info. etc.).​​
  • Follow up with customer’s product teams to get those details.​​
  • List the supplier parts that are missing  in IMDS. ​​
  • Follow up with  suppliers, over email and phone calls, for submission of missing data.​​​
  • If the suppliers data / contact is incorrect, then contact customer’s product team for details.​​​
  • Train suppliers on IMDS data management and reporting processes
  • Assign priority of the request to suppliers based upon request priority.
  • Maintain the supplier tracker file and diligently follow-up via emails and calls.
  • If there is no response from the supplier after a stipulated number of follow-up attempts, then update the part list to the customer product for support.
  • After receiving the supplier part in IMDS system, the part will be accepted as per customer criteria and the rejected parts required re-submission till they are accepted.

MDS Xpress Software

  • Supplier Management​​
  • Bulk Supplier Communication​​
  • Manage incoming supplier data (store, sort etc.)​​
  • Vet incoming supplier data for completeness and BOM schema correctness​​
  • Build BOM structure​​
  • Validate against customer’s criteria​​
  • Validate against global regulations
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