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The Global List of Automotive Process Substance (GLAPS) is the common standard list for reporting of process substances within the automotive industry. It provides a definitive list of substances requiring reporting in specific process uses in order to minimize company-specific requirements and ensure cost effective management of reporting practices within automotive supply chains. The GLAPS only contains substances that are relevant to the automotive industry and are delivered to the automotive industry as a substance or mixture.

The GLAPS follows the lead of the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL), but whereas the GADSL’s scope is limited to substances that are expected to be present in a material or part that remains in the vehicle or part at point of sale, GLAPS covers substances expected to be present as such or in mixtures in chemical products as supplied to customers or recipients in the automotive supply chain, for use in automotive processes.

The GLAPS scope only covers substances in the form in which they are supplied to a site within the automotive supply chain; it therefore excludes any substances created during process use, or created as a result of storage or disposal methods.

The intended benefits of the GLAPS are to help the Automotive Industry to Protect human health and the environment, maintain regulatory compliance and to Ensure process stability.

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