Bulk data and image management is a recurring activity for catalog managers, often involving high level of manual labor that devours productivity. However, data is vital for business and it should be handled by experts and specialists.

Hence APA Engineering. For nearly the last two decades, several reputable manufacturers, distributors and resellers in this industry have entrusted their data with us. With more than 250+ specialists , expertise in AutoCare standards and global resources, APA is your extended team to ensure round-the-clock, fast and accurate cataloging.

APA provides a suite of data and image processing services delivered quickly and with high quality. We have an iron-clad quality assurance process which ensures that your data is handled with care and your requirements are exactly met.

Data Management: Extraction, Conversion, Scrubbing, Filling, Compliance, Transformation & more.

Image Management: Background Coloring, Watermarking, Resizing, Enhancements & more.

Data Extraction

Cataloging work often involves extracting source data from your vendors & affiliate sites. This can be a cumbersome job if done manually without the right tools. Here is where APA can help

  • Extract data from public & permitted websites & documents
  • Manual and automated scraping
  • Store / transform extracted data in custom data formats

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Data Scrubbing

If you have large volume of data which needs to be cleaned up to be mapped to a specific syntax or table structure or data values have to be calculated based on certain rules, APA’s team of data specialists can help.

  • Well defined and documented scrubbing process 
  • Rules based data manipulation
  • Detailed reporting of pre & post processed data

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Data Conversion

Sometimes, when you are migrating / transferring data from one system to another, data format conversion may be required and this is often challenging and a sub-optimal use of your time. APA can accomplish it for you effectively and accurately.

  • Convert data between different formats
  • Doc, Excel, XML, PPT, PDF, JPG, PNG etc.
  • Data quality assurance by professionals
  • Preserve data and layout integrity

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Data Compliance

As a catalog manager, you may be required to submit data that complies with a specific receiver or regulator’s data rules. Deviation from those rules could results in significant rework, potential loss of customer trust and revenue. If you have large volume of data to do this, the problem multiplies. APA’s data specialists act as an extended team to support you in such initiatives.

  • Due diligence of compliance requirements
  • Define a compliance process and act on it
  • Multiple quality checks pre & post submission
  • Coordinate with receiver to ensure flawless compliance.

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Data Transformation

Data Transformation refers to complex projects which involve one or more of these data management activities. These are high impact projects with severe consequences on a firm’s day to day operations. APA with its deep expertise and large pool of data specialists, provides the best-in-class knowledge and solutions for such projects. APA can actively support and contribute in the following ways in such projects

  • Defining data transformation plan, objectives and milestones
  • Defining & documenting transformation processes, roles & hierarchies
  • Impact analysis document
  • Data transformation execution
  • Multi-level quality checks and release management
  • Analysis, Reporting and Dashboards

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Data Filling

A common requirement from our customers is to feed parts data into eCommerce marketplaces and other data receivers. APA can support you in this activity.

  • Thorough analysis of data feed templates 
  • Data entry & quality assurance
  • Upload filled up templates and receive confirmation
  • Generate detailed status reports

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Image Processing Service

  • Image background cleaning
  • Watermark addition & removal
  • Image resizing
  • Image detailing & quality enhancements (for eCommerce compliance)

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