Product Management Tool

A web based centralized repository software for aftermarket parts manufacturers and resellers to store, manage, validate and share parts & applications information easily and effectively. The PMT is designed as a product information management (PIM) system.


  • Import your parts data into the PMT (xls or xml)
  • Perform ACES – PIES compliance analysis.
  • Flexibility to accommodate applications from other Industries.
  • Edit parts data directly to fix any holes / invalids / overlaps if any.
  • Add Digital Assets to your parts information
  • Sync with latest revisions of ACPN standards
  • Export your product data / catalog to multiple receiver formats.
  • Optionally match parts and application information with VIO

Central Repository

Access all your parts information from a central repository for easier management and distribution.

ACES PIES Compliance

PMT can auto validate your parts data against latest versions of ACES & PIES. Generates ACES Holes Reports.

Excel and Multi Receiver Format Support

Export formatted parts data in diverse formats (XML, Excel, Text) and custom formats for Ebay, Amazon, AAP, Epicor, Rockauto etc.

Quickbooks and Other Integration

Pre-built or custom integration with 3rd party software like Quickbook, ERP and Web catalog / ECommerce platforms


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