Catapult is APA Engineering’s ready to launch Web Catalog and Online Store platform for small and  medium auto parts and accessories.

Why Catapult ?


Today, there are many web catalog platform sites for multiple categories but there are only a handful of such platforms which are fit for the automotive parts and accessories industry.


Catapult is such a platform crafted by APA Engineering, a market leader focused on providing cataloging and ecommerce solutions to this industry. For the last 19 years, APA has been providing these services to manufacturers and resellers in the US and across the globe.


We understand the pain points of the small and medium size players in setting up and growing their online business. Catapult was designed with that in mind.


Unique features for automotive


  • Intuitively add/edit/delete parts and accessories on the admin panel
  • Year-Make-Model search enabled
  • General text also included
  • Fitment information can be uploaded in ACES equivalent formats*
  • Parts attributes can be uploaded in PIES equivalent formats*
  • Part Types, Categories & Subcategories enabled
  • Identify accessories for parts
  • Identify related parts
  • Enable interchanges for parts
  • Auto-parts friendly themes
  • Custom generate product descriptions


ECommerce features


  • Shopping Cart (optional)
  • Upload multiple digital assets for parts and accessories
  • Quick check out
  • Price promotions
  • Custom Integration with payment gateways and logistics


Technology Highlights


  • Developed on Drupal open-source platform
  • Bandwidth and storage limits per company license
    • 10GB (network) and 1 GB (storage)
  • Unlimited users per company
  • Responsive themes
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Free Sitewide HTTPs and Dedicated SSL
  • SEO friendly
  • Supports Google and Bing analytics




  • Service and Support for uploading/managing parts and fitment data
  • 24/7 live agent support
  • Custom Integration with other softwares

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