GoCadence is an online business management application that allows decision makers to bridge gaps in their day to day processes and expand their operations based on precise, vital data metrics. GoCadence is feature-rich and is suitable for different business verticals, not limited to automotive. It runs as a “pay as you grow” cloud hosted solution with minimal upfront infrastructure and operation costs.

Key Features

  • Key metrics which plainly define your business success
  • Being able to identify the actual source of the problem.
  • Simplistic data (figures and graphical charts)
  • Immediate call to actions.
  • Business efficiency on a Day/Week/Month/Year basis
  • Monitor cross departmental activities.
  • Easy integration with third party software
  • Access application anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Post implementation maintenance and support

Inventory Management

  • Manage Stocking across multiple warehouses
  • Manage Skew Location
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Stock Counting
  • Stock movement report
  • Stock transfer from one warehouse to another.
  • Inventory Average & Last costing report
  • Inventory Average costing

Purchase Management

  • Purchase order requisition (covers principle and alternate suppliers)
  • Suggested Quantity calculation
  • Purchase order authorization
  • Making amendments to purchase orders
  • Purchase order fulfilment
  • Cancellation of purchase orders
  • Blanket purchase orders
  • Notification to stocking agents on order fulfilment
  • Purchase order history
  • Metrices for Purchase orders

Supplier Management

  • Supplier Office data management
  • Supplier contact management
  • Supplier pricing management

Warehouse Management

  • Manage multiple warehouse across different geographic locations and time zones
  • Configure operational hours, holidays, printers for individual warehouses
  • Warehouse related metrics in Dashboard

Sales Management

  • Search for Products or Services online via Web-Catalogue
  • Quote Management
  • Quote to Sales order conversion
  • Place order from multiple warehouses(covers blind shipment, ship complete options)
  • Back order management
  • Invoice generation
  • Order cancellation and resubmission
  • Sales Return management and generation of credits
  • Configure labels and print them as and when required.
  • Sales margin report
  • Product purchase report
  • Metrices for Sales order
  • Salesmen performance report
  • Order related metrices in Dashboard

Sales Budgets

  • Set up Organizational budget
  • Set up Salesmen wise budget
  • Target achieved report (Monthly /Yearly) for current year
  • Compare sales performance Month wise/Year wise
  • Set up Campaigns
  • View Organizational and Salesmen related graphical charts

Lead Management

  • Manage customer contact information
  • Schedule calls, meetings, visits
  • New customer acquisition by Sales men report

User and Access Management

  • Manage organizational users
  • Manage end customer database against customer account
  • Manage multiple online accounts for the same user
  • Provide access to users for certain modules based on user groups
  • Secure account login using IP address

Services Management

(applicable if customer is involved in post-sales services for products)

  • Manage Customer Fleet information
  • Generate work orders, jobs
  • Manage time and labour charges based on services performed
  • Manage product services from quote to services-invoice generation

Customer Management

  • Manage end customer accounts
  • Manage Main and branch related information if applicable
  • Manage customer contacts at customer and customer group level
  • Manage associated customer accounts using Customer groups
  • Manage Customer Consignments
  • Manage Customer Credit limits
  • Manage Customer related terms and condition
  • Manage Customer payment related information

Account Management

  • View account statements
  • Review and manage customer credit limits
  • Post payment related information
  • Cancel Payments
  • Set up reminder and alerts for customers.
  • Quick books integration
  • Account related metrices in Dashboard

Dispatch and Delivery

  • Manage Driver information
  • Manage Vehicle related information
  • View pending deliveries and assign them to drivers based on zonal data in Maps
  • Track deliveries till closure.
  • Switch routes between drivers.
  • Reopen closed routes.
  • View average delivery times.
  • Dispatch related metrices in Dashboard

Dynamic Website Management

  • Customer templates for website newsletter.
  • Publish newsletter automatically
  • Driver website using default templates and dynamic data from your application for end user purchases.
  • Manage microsites based on specific product lines
  • Integration with payment gateway

Custom Reports

  • Create simple to complex custom reports based on your specific needs
  • Run reports automatically and have results delivered to your email inbox
  • Provide special access to custom reports based on permissions

Notification and Alerts

  • Receive email notifications and reminders to your email based on the module of your work
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