European chemicals agency (ECHA) published a new list of substances. The list contains 21000 REACH registered substances which are divided into five Universe pools based on regulatory action with infocard URL. The five universe pools are

  1. Regulatory risk management ongoing – substances with confirmed hazards for human health and the environment.
  2. Regulatory risk management under consideration– substances that are currently being considered for regulatory risk management.
  3. Data generation-substances that require additional information to conclude whether further regulatory action is needed.
  4. Currently no further actions proposed-substances for which authorities have not proposed further regulatory action at the moment.
  5. Not yet assigned– substances currently registered under REACH but not yet assigned to any of the other pools.

The list doesn’t indicate whether a substance is harmful or not but it will help the authorities to focus their action. Also, substances will move from one pool to another over time when new information becomes available or priorities change.

Jack de Bruijn – Director for Prioritisation and Integration said that ECHA is currently focusing mostly on the substances registered for volumes greater than 100 tonnes per year, where they aim to assign each substance to one of the pools by the end of 2020. For all registered substances, the work should be concluded by 2027. For many substances, further hazard data will need to be generated as non-compliant registrations are hampering progress. To that end, ECHA have a joint action plan with the Commission to improve compliance of registrations to ensure they contain the necessary information to establish safe use”.

Click the link to download the new chemical list :

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