APA provides comprehensive and rigorous supplier management services for clients across the globe. APA has thoroughly research database of more than 500 suppliers in this region. APA is a preferred supplier management solutions provider for the following reasons.


Quality:Inspectors at 5 locations monitoring Quality.

Delivery: Sourcing experts aided by Technology.

Cost: Domain experts with local RM & Process knowledge driving down costs.

New Product Development

Our intense product knowledge and understanding of vendor manufacturing facilities puts us in a position to value add during product development phase

  • Supplier audit
  • Tooling development
  • Sample PPAP
  • Production process

Our sourcing experts embrace technology

Brick and Mortar

  • Domain expert engineers involved in sourcing follow up
  • Leveraging existing relationships
  • Regular supplier visits & phone calls
  • Weekly chats on pending orders


  • E- Procurement module
  • Auto reminder emails to suppliers
  • Pending Order reports to Suppliers
  • Daily follow up check list emails to Buyers
  • Analysis and performance indicators for taking actionable decisions

Portfolio of Sourced Products

  • Cylinder Liner
  • Pistons & Rings
  • Con rods
  • Bearings & Bushings
  • Water & Oil Pumps
  • Radiators & Oil Coolers
  • Camshafts & Crankshafts
  • Valves, Guides & Seats
  • Fuel Injection part
  • Alternators & Starters
  • Generators & Drives
  • Armatures, Field Coils
  • Switches
  • Regulators
  • Cable assemblies
  • Casting
    • Sand
    • Shell
    • Investment
    • Gravity
    • Diecastings
  • Forging
    • Hot
    • Cold
    • Orbital
    • Forming
  • Machining
    • CNC
      • VMC, HMC
      • Turning centers
    • Screw Machining
    • Conventional
  • Steel
    • Plain carbon Steel
    • Low Alloy Steel
    • Hig Alloy steel
  • Cast Iron
    • Gray
    • Malleable
    • Ductile
  • Non Ferrous
    • Aluminium and alloys
    • Copper and its alloys
    • Zinc alloys Zamak
  • Special Alloys
    • Titanium alloys
    • Magnesium alloys
    • Inconel Alloys
    • 15 CDV 6
    • M 250 V

Case Studies

Input:Upon thorough market research on best of Hydraulic Pumps manufacturers, APA has zeroed in on one of the top manufacturers in India, and the OE sample has been offered to them for basic study and costing for the Pump.

Deliverables:Apart from locating the manufacturer of the Pump, APA has assisted this manufacturer in finding out the sources for child parts like Pistons, Valve Body assembly, Adapters, O Rings, etc.

Key Challenge:Before Pump lot was confirmed at the manufacturer end, we had done 40 hrs of test run and 20 samples was provided till we reached approval for sample.

Benefits:APA quality inspectors inspects checks performance of pump and only picks as per requirement by customers. The material is then sent to APA warehouse for consolidation, all inspection reports are available in our “Online Inspection Dashboard” for customer to view it. Since the Pumps are dispatched to end customers directly savings in transportation Costs, and supply lead times as well

Remote Working:Client set up separate logins for APA staff to remote login into their server. Thanks to the 12 hour time difference , daily work could be QC checked by the client during his working hours.


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