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Manufacturing Feasibility Simulation

APA offers services to validate the manufacturing feasibility of injection mold and cast components. Simulating the manufacturing process helps to eliminate the possible defects, optimizing the process & reducing the cycle time even before the prototype is being made, thus crushing the time to market and reducing the product development cost.

Mold-flow Simulation​

  • Best Gate, Fill, Pack, Cool & Warpage Analysis​
  • Plastic Filling, Weld lines, Air traps prediction​
  • Blow holes & Sink mark prediction​
  • Shrinkage analysis, Molding Window
  • Over molding, Insert molding, Core deflection analysis​

Casting feasibility simulation

  • LP & HP Die Casting Simulation​
  • Sand Casting Analysis
  • Investment Casting Analysis
  • Flow Analysis: Velocity Temp, Air entrapment
  • Solidification Analysis:  Shrinkage & Porosity Prediction
  • Stress Analysis:  Residual Stress & Distortion Analysis.

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