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Automation Equipment

Automation aids in the performance of repetitive Industrial work and achieving faster output with precision, safety and, consistency. This acts as the beginning and plays a vital role in achieving the new norm “Industry 4.0”. The biggest benefit of Automation equipment design services is cost efficiency. 

APA has 15+ years of working experience in helping line builders, industrial equipment design companies, and other OEMs to build their setups in a realistic time limit consistently with high-quality mechanical design and drafting services, and is ready to offer services for Automation requirements on demand.

Skill Set


Concept Design

We understand that a product’s Concept Design effectiveness is realized and valued when it serves as a base for structuring a product with a clear view towards the end goal. Every project is planned meticulously and given utmost attention by APA.


Sizing Calculations

Any component or product from external sources must correlate with the required physical and functional aspects. Hence, sizing calculation aids in selecting the right fit for design space while ensuring there is no size inadequacy or overshooting of functionality.


Manufacturing drawings with GD&T & BOM

Precise product manufacturing requires the right medium for processing. APAs mastery in detailing, BOM creation, and GD & T gives assurance in generating and delivering the accurate output.


Design Development (including mechanisms)

Designs can be successfully implemented when the mechanisms of the proposed designs are pre-planned after taking care of all the necessary aspects. APA takes pride in having been the ideal choice for fulfilling its clients’ requirements to perfection.


Design completion

It is estimated that 99% of R & D leaves designs incomplete which gives a reason to concentrate on standard, Component selection, manufacturability, and scalability’s perfection apart from the former. Design completion’s role stretches beyond boundaries and addresses the commonly overlooked factors with utmost importance.

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