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RoHS Compliance in a nutshell

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Initiated to restrict the use of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment’s (EEE).

Key items Scope
Effect from Since July
Applicable to All electrical and electronic products that are manufactured in EU*
Target region Sold to or distributed in the EU must pass RoHS compliance.

*Covers 11 categories of EEE with many exemptions

RoHS Restricted Substances (6 + 4)

Electrical & Electronics Equipment’s (EEE) placed on the European Union market must contain less
than the maximum prescribed levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, two specified
flame-retardant groups, and four specified phthalates.

RoHS specifies maximum levels by weight for the following 10 restricted materials.

The first six applied to the original RoHS while the last four were added under RoHS 2.

You can find more details around the restricted substances here.

Several Countries have enacted RoHS legislation

Every country has initiated to adopt their own version of RoHS. Doesn’t matter if you sell in the EU. Here is the list of countries that have their own version of RoHS

  • U.S. California RoHS
  • China RoHS Compliance
  • Taiwan RoHS Compliance
  • Japan RoHS (J-MOSS) Compliance
  • Norway RoHS Compliance (PoHS)
  • Korea RoHS Compliance
  • India RoHS Compliance
  • Ukraine RoHS Compliance
  • Singapore RoHS Compliance (SG-RoHS)
  • UAE RoHS Compliance
  • Turkey RoHS Compliance
  • Eurasian/Russian RoHS Compliance
  • Brazil RoHS Compliance (COMING SOON)

Challenges with RoHS compliance


Design for RoHS compliance


Review of existing product BOM


Establish lead free assembly & inventory


Create, maintain update data management system


Assess reliability issue from material process changes


Product redesign or alternate parts

How APA Engineering can help


Performing due diligence requirements of RoHS compliance regulations


Collect full material declaration from suppliers in IPC 1752A format


Taxonomy and item classification


Collection of RoHS and REACH Certificate of Compliance


Complete follow up for RoHS and Data gathering, SVHC and circulating Information through the Supply chain.

Automate RoHS requirements with Greencheck Software

Our software is a powerful tool supporting our customers in meeting both their RoHS
requirements with guaranteed quality & security.

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Why Choose APA

  • Comprehensive RoHS due diligence by compliance specialists
  • Global client base across US and Europe
  • Management dashboard with multiple performance metrics
  • Secure, ISO-27001 ready information management framework
  • Cloud based repository for enterprise wide controlled access
  • IT tools to automate RoHS compliance process


Is RoHS connected to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, the electronics-recycling directive?

Yes, ROHS is connected to WEEE - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment. All related goods on the EU market must pass compliance with WEEE and have the sticker "Wheelie Bin." RoHS controls the dangerous substances used in electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing (EEE) while WEEE governs the disposal of the same equipment.

Does packaging used for a product need to comply with RoHS regulations?

No, because any packaging that are taken away after a product purchase is not a part of EEE equipment, so it does not fall within the RoHS scope of directives. And packaging which is a part of the product and stay with the product & also disposed with the product may need to comply, which must be seen case by case basis.

I don’t sell in Europe; does RoHS apply to my EEE product?

Yes, ROHS is worldwide. As you don't sell products to EUROPE, it doesn’t' apply only EU ROHS. Further it has to comply with the countries where the product launched. because other than EU, now the below are following ROHS similar to EU ROHS with their own scope of products

Should companies place a mark or seal on a product to show it complies with RoHS Regulations?

Yes, CE mark should be used. The green mark ROHS label is no longer needed as CE mark indicated the ROHS compliance. Since to show your product compliance and also for import and export and into the market, marking is necessary. A 'crossed out wheeled bin' symbol must be used for compliance with the WEEE Directive.

Can a company continue to manufacture items it was manufacturing before 1 July, 2006 without modification?

No, we cannot manufacture without modification. Any electrical and electronic product places on EU market after 1st July 2006 need to comply with ROHS regulation.

My products are in scope; how do I become compliant?

If your products does not use any of the hazardous substance and within the limit as per ROHS regulation & exemption, your product is complaint.

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