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Regulatory Watch

Regulatory Watch - helps you capture all the ongoing and upcoming updates to regulations and amendments.

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What is RegWatch?

  • Finished products face a number of complex regulatory requirements before they can be placed on global markets.

  • The companies are exposed to great compliance rsis due to ever changing list of regulations and amendments.

  • It is highly critical for compliance leaders to keep themselves updated on the latest and upcoming regulatory changes relevant to their products.

  • Companies need to have a comprehensive compliance program in place to continuously monitor any changes to regulation.

Why Regulatory Watch?

To overcome hurdles that might otherwise affect your business...

  • Disruption of the supply chain

  • Production stops

  • Product recalls

  • Penalties

  • Damage to brand reputation

  • Loss in customer confidence

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How APA will help

  • Leveraging automated tools to monitor and have real time visibility of the regulatory changes

  • Identify the exact regulations applicable to specific industry or domain

  • Assess impact of existing and new legislation at early stage

  • Identify and differentiate regulations between separate regions for a country using zip-codes

  • One stop shop for all your compliance needs - IMDS, CM, REACH, RoHS, prop65, SCIP and more...

  • Actionable insights to ensure the regulatory compliance status of products

  • Our experts monitor, analyze legal requirements and provide timely updates

APA provides the Regulatory Watch information at different levels:

  • Level 1 ReportContains scope of the regulation, region, related authorities' information, government Act and regulation information.

  • Subsequent Level ReportIf the product is affected by any of the regulation, it will be reported in subsequent level with detailed regulation requirements needed for product.

  • Subsequent Level ReportAPA continuously monitor all the regulation in a periodic way.In case of any update found in the regulation, APA helps to achieve your compliance with new updated regulation.

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What is the meaning of regulatory watch?

Regulatory watch means monitoring the applicable laws, legislation, updates of regulations for the particular product which was affected by the Government laws and regulations

Why regulatory watch is important?

Regulatory watch will help you to identify and avoid the impact of regulations on your product and it will guide you in the right path to launch the product in specific region

How APA will help?

APA will monitor the updates in the regulations for your product and provide the updates information with your understandable template

Is there any penalty for not following the regulations?

Yes, if manufacturer doesn’t follow the regulations for their products, Government will charge the penalty

Does APA will monitor state wise regulations?

Yes, APA will monitor all the state wise regulations.

What are the information required for monitoring the regulations?

General topic of your products and selection criteria, Geographical scope, File template for notifying the update, if any.

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