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CIBS software validates selling of products in specific zip codes in USA without violating specific regulations

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Who is CIBS for?

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers of automotive parts and accessories.

What regulations are covered?

Following regulations are covered for continental USA
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Chlorinated Substances Regulation
  • Small Containers of Automotive Refrigerant
  • Para-dichlorobenzene Regulations
  • Alkylphenol Ethoxylate Surfactants
  • Ozone-depleting compounds Regulations
  • Hexavalent Chromium and Cadmium
  • Regulation on POP substances
  • Regulation on Batteries
  • Multi-purpose Solvent & Paint Thinner
  • Brake Pads Regulations
  • Prop65
  • And many more

Why do you need CIBS

Product regulations in USA are multi-tiered and complicated. Different regulations are applicable at county, ARBs, district, state and federal levels.

The specifications and taxonomies used in these regulations vary significantly across levels and from region to region making the compliance process complex, cumbersome and therefore costly

These regulations are subject to periodic changes and industry players are expected to be in sync with the latest versions.

Companies could be subjected to steep penalties if they are found violating these regulations

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    How does CIBS work?

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    CIBS has a very simple, intuitive user interface. It is an easy 3 step process for the user.

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    Upload the SDS details for that part number

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    CIBS provides you with a detailed, visually informative report on where you can / cannot sell your products

The CIBS Adavantage

CIBS is a distinctly superior solution for this requirement as compared with generic software providers and/or only rule-based compliance software providers.

Build by experts with hybrid skill sets in technology, automotive domain and regulatory compliance. This is something that siloed competitors cannot offer.

CIBS is developed based on engagement with industry experts, regulators and feedback from actual customer conversations in real world.

CIBS can be tailored to your specific reporting or dashboard needs.

Complete follow up for RoHS and Data gathering, SVHC and circulating Information through the Supply chain.

How to deploy CIBS ?

  • The CIBS software is a secure web-based application that is hosted and managed by APA Engineering.
  • It is available on an annual licensing model.
  • For eCommerce and similar applications, APIs are applicable wherein end users can view this data on the product details page or shopping cart page via a simple web form.


What is CIBS?

CIBS is a distinctly superior software to obtain visually informative reports on where you can / cannot sell your products in the ZIP code level.

How to Check if I can sell the product in the US?

Once the necessary part information is uploaded to the CIBS Software, the scalability of a product can be checked by giving the part number of the product and required zip-code as inputs.

Do regulations vary in each jurisdiction of the USA?

Yes, the regulations vary depends upon their environmental condition. For eg, the state of California in the US has more stringent regulatory standards among the states.

What are all the Regulations CIBS has?

CIBS is capable of finding the compliance of a product for the following regulations: Consumer product regulations, Ozone-depleting substances regulations, regulation on POP substances, brake pad regulations, regulation on batteries, and many more.

Who all could benefit from CIBS?

CIBS is beneficial to all the Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers of automotive parts and accessories who are all placed their products in the US markets.

Will CIBS notify us if there is an update in the existing regulations?

Yes, CIBS has separate features to monitor all the government periodically authorized regulation.

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