Prop 65 officially known as the Safe based in California Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act is a regulation, passed in the year 1986 requires manufacturers to warn the product consumers about the presence of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm

Currently, California Prop 65 covers over 900 chemicals.

AMENDMENTS in Labelling requirements:

New Clear and Reasonable Warning requirements has come into effect by august 2018 in California under Proposition 65, formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act

The key factor of the amendment is to identify and provide specific information of the chemical(s) that causes cancer or reproductive harm to the human.

As per the new law regulatory requirements, the product manufacturer must provide more specific information about the chemicals present in the products that consumer purchase, use or release in the environment.


  1. A label must be placed on the products indicating the presence of chemical(s) which causes birth defects or other reproductive harms.
  2. The supply chain of the product manufacturer must document the presence of chemicals in all the level(s) stating usage of harmful chemicals on the products, which is meant to be below threshold levels set by OEHHA guidelines.
  3. A triangular yellow warning symbol, on most warnings

As the supply chain grows larger around the globe, maintaining the compliance standards becomes more complex. The burden of Prop 65 compliance firmly impacts on the business of retail market and product manufacturers in California. APA helps customer in mitigating the risks and it offers the following services

APA services on Prop 65:

  • Consultation Services: We offer consultation services in defining the scope of parts for the Prop 65, we help customer in developing the strategy, compliance plan and implementation
  • Supplier Chain Follow up and Assessment: We follow up with your suppliers to get the Full Material Declarations and Declaration Letters for the parts numbers under scope. Assess the declarations for Prop 65 requirements and follow up with them to get the labelling done as per requirements
  • Reporting to Customer: We assess and prepare reports on the BoM level compliance, site level compliance
  • Maintenance and updates: We will help customer in maintaining the substance level data for all the parts under scope. We periodically update customer on the latest amendments and its implementation to their current process