The Swedish Chemicals Agency is subject to several cases when product labelling is insufficient to notify customers. The Inspectorate says that more effort is needed in the areas of warning labels when purchasing hazardous products when buying chemical toys, and when purchasing chemical products for commercial use.

As a result, the Swedish Chemicals Agency will launch a special consumer safety campaign in 2022, including chemical toys, chemical items, and e-commerce warnings.

The CLP Regulation governs chemical mixtures, intending to maintain that they are labelled with hazard pictograms and risk statements, among other factors What should appear, is influenced by the chemical substances in the mixture.

At the same time, any promotion for a combination that must be labelled due to its composition must ensure that the buyer has seen the label or has been informed of the kind or types of hazards that the labelling of the mixture also specifies.

Despite the present regulation, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has received a report of many cases where the guidelines have not been followed, posing a risk to people who use chemical combinations.

The following chemical mixtures are being researched:

  1. Toys made of chemicals, such as liquids for casting beads and molten glass.
  2. Chemical products such as Sealants, cement mixtures, and paints are examples of professional industrial chemicals.
  3. Rust removers, lamp oils, thinners, sanitary losses, waxes, cleaning goods, and household chemicals are all available to buy.
  4. The examination will take place in Denmark, and it will include both visiting and internet sales tracking. There is a focus on ensuring increased consumer protection, with a particular emphasis on children, marginalized groups, and workers.
  5. The campaign is an important part of the chemistry effort because chemical mixes that lack the necessary user warning pose a significant risk and, in certain cases, a danger.

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