What is ACES PIES ?

AutoCare – ACPN (Automotive Catalog Professionals Network), the recognized industry association body for US automotive parts data, has  released two standards ACES (Automotive Catalog Exchange Standard) and PIES  (Parts Information Exchange Standard). 

These standards ensure that parts information can be seamlessly exchanged across the entire automotive parts distribution network.  These standards are increasingly being used by manufacturers and re-sellers alike. There are also large resellers (both brick and mortar stores and pure play eCommerce retailers) who have their own modified version of parts information standards.  They are also called receivers. They might insist that the manufacturer / supplier provide parts data in their specific standards  for ease of integration with their IT systems.

If you have traditional printed catalogs or static pdf / e-zine catalogs, then you may require to transform these catalogs to the needs of your receivers.

APA offers low cost, exceptional quality data compliance (ACES PIES compliance, NAPA compliance etc) services. We have a large team of automotive data and IT professionals who can handle large volume of parts data with ease.


If you have a traditional catalog (print / pdf / e-zine) and your supply chain partners are needing ACES .xml files for your parts, then you are at the right place. We offer the most reliable, low-cost, ACES PIES mapping services.  Our ACES mapping service is comprehensive:

  • Detailed mapping compliant with latest standards (ACES 3.0 to 4.1 and PIES 6.5 to 7.2.)
  • Generate ACES holes reports (identifies gaps in your applications list)
  • Generate ACES invalids reports (identifies potential red flags/errors


If your are managing 100’s and 1000’s of ACES PIES xml files, then manually editing / processing them will be extremely difficult and error-prone. At APA, we offer a suite of tools that makes your life easier and cataloging more productive

  • ACES Viewer & Validator : View ACES .xml files in a tabular form and analyse invalids/errors.
  • ACES & PIES Flatteners:  Bulk convert .xml files into flat files (eg .csv)
  • PMT:  Central repository for all your parts data and create ACES / PIES .xml

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