The PMT significantly improves your cataloging productivity and revenue potential by:

▶ Manage parts portfolio efficiently

▶ Manage accurate application fitment data

▶ Manage parts attributes and values

▶ Share data with receivers in custom formats

▶ Publish updates regularly to PDF and web Catalogs.

The PMT is ideal for auto parts manufacturers, distributors and resellers.


The humongous growth in the number of aftermarket suppliers & distributors, the rapid adoption of ecommerce and increasing acceptance of ACES PIES as de facto standards have prompted all CXOs to maximize the value they can extract from the catalog. APA’s PMT is designed to meet that objective.

Why APA's PMT ?

APA’s PMT is a uniquely designed PIM that understands that every organization has a unique workflow to managing its data. The PMT is highly customizable to accommodate such modifications that suit the customer’s workflow. The core repository is rich in functionality for managing auto parts data while the UI can be tweaked to show user defined / user preferred information, reports and dashboards.


This information is the most important revenue driver for your parts. Inaccurate data leads to vehicle failures, product returns and erodes customer trust. Lack of coverage leads to diminished revenue potential. PMT supports both ACES and non-ACES applications efficiently.
ACES: Light duty | Medium & HD
Non-ACES : Industrials & Constructions | Farm,Marine etc
PMT supports ACES 3.0 – 3.2 and PIES 6.7. ACES4.0 and PIES 7 are in the roadmap.

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Many companies make parts for another component e.g engine. In such cases, fitments are indirectly referenced through the engine code. The PMT enables you to map parts to engine codes and other such references.

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PMT supports both “Single Year” (1990, Ford, F-150 / 1991,Ford, F-150 and Multi-year (1990-1991, Ford, F-150) “Single-year” enables you to manage data at a high level of granularity while “Multi-year” results in smarter reporting and compact cataloging for printing.

Import/ Add /edit / delete/ Export(Bulk)
    • PIES data (parts attributes)
    • Digital assets(in AutoCare’s best practices)
    • Extended info, regulatory compliance
    • BOM/Component part numbers
    • Apps-Part mapping
    • Multiple Part status
    • Supersede Part Numbers
    • Multiple Interchanges

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  • Import and Export to ACES,PIES xml, xlsx format
  • Total # of parts and applications
  • ACES Holes Report
  • ACES Invalids Report
  • ACES Overlaps Report
  • Parts without digital assets
  • Parts without part types
  • VIO reports
  • Other custom metrics.

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    • Import and Export to ACES,PIES xml, xlsx format
    • Export to receiver specific custom formats
    • Publish to PDF Catalogs (custom templates)
    • Integrate with ERP such as Quickbooks, Epicor
    • Integrate with marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon
    • Integrate with your own WebCatalogs (B2C, B2B)
    • Integrate with VIO data

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  • Add / Edit / Delete product lines
  • Import parts data and digital assets line-wise
  • Search part numbers line-wise
  • Export parts data for specific lines

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Value Added Services

Data Services

APA Engineering also facilitates data pre-processing services (scrubbing, cleaning, mapping, digital assets enhancement etc.) prior to loading into the PMT.

Net Change Management

AutoCare regularly releases updates to their data and organizations have to ensure that their data is clean, correct and current. APA’s Net Change Management service enables you to quickly identify the differences between current and previous versions of the data and upload only approved differences into the PMT. This is a huge time-saver, especially for large distributors who manage thousands of parts and accessories. Read more

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