YMME Parts Search App

YMME Parts Search is a ready to deploy plugin, built by APA Engineering, for online sellers of auto parts and accessories. This plug in is readily available for online stores built using BigCommerce, Magento, .NET, Drupal and other popular technology platforms. The YMME Parts Search plugin allows your customers to easily find the correct parts in your online store by searching using Year Make Model Engine and other vehicle attributes.

Top Features

Multi Platform

Readily available for multiple eCommerce technology platforms.

Multi Vehicle Types

The app readily supports application fitments for different vehicle types as defined in AutoCare. These include light duty (motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks etc) , heavy duty (Class 7 and Class trucks), off highway (golf cars, ATV, marine) & equipment (Agricultural, construction etc.)

Custom Search

The app can be customized as per seller’s requirements. You can select which application attributes are to be used and in what order. E.g. you can remove “year” from the search, as is the case for equipment and add “sub model” instead. You can remove “Engine” from the search, as is the case for certain car accessories, and add other trim attributes to the filter.

Rapid Search

The YMME Parts Search app pulls the data from the application / fitment database which can run into millions of rows, depending on the number of parts that you sell.  This database is thoroughly indexed  so that the search yields accurate results and very quickly.

Pre-built integration with PIM

The app has a pre-built interface with APA Engineering’s PMT (PIM software). The PMT is a secure, central repository that help sellers manage and distribute their parts and fitment data effectively.  APA Engineering can also build custom integration to pull data from any third party PIMs through APIs or other methods.

Search Analytics

You can see a detailed history of YMME (or other application attribute) searches that will help you improve your store content, product descriptions and even fill the gaps in application coverage and product portfolio.

Interchange Search

The app allows you to search for parts using interchanges (OE / supplier / competitor or customers) provided in the PIES or equivalent tables in the database.

Predictive Free Text Search

In addition to YMME, your customers can also search for parts using free text search from descriptions and the various other product & fitment attributes. Your customers can also type the YMME values in the text search as an option.

The YMME Parts Search uses a smart predictive algorithm to auto suggest products as the customer continues to type in the search box. Customer has the option to quickly select the relevant search result in the suggestion list and redirect to the detailed listing page. This search is highly intuitive and easy to use. Your customers have the choice of narrowing results by selecting either “Exact Match” or “Approximate Match”.

Advanced Attribute Filters

APA Engineering provides advanced search filters based on part types, categories,categories and attribute values. APA can customize  your filtering rules as per your requirements.

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