The California Air Resources Board (CARB) detained a reputed industrial products distributor for violating VOC regulations through the sale of non-compliant consumer products. An estimated $14,000 was imposed as a penalty by CARB.

 Upon an investigation conducted by CARB, it was understood that fabric refreshers (aerosol) and general-purpose cleaner (nonaerosol) products were containing higher concentrations of volatile organic compounds than the allowed limit in California. CARB also identified penetrant products breaching environmental regulations; perchloroethylene, a prohibited toxic substance was found in the product. Due to this slip-up, a total of 0.57 tons of excess VOC emissions and 0.02 tons of a prohibited toxic substance emission were produced.

CARB instructed the company to take necessary actions to curb excess emissions from the three products. To attain compliance, the sale of Fabric Refresher, General Purpose Cleaner, and the penetrant products were completely stopped.

APA Engineering with over 20+ experience in ‘Product Chemical Compliance’ & a Global client base, has designed a secure web-based application capable of providing visually informative reports on where you can/cannot sell your products, concerning zip-codes. Can It Be Sold (CIBS)? is a distinctly superior software that serves the purpose of determining the compliance of a product under various regulations. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers of automotive parts and accessories will highly benefit from using CIBS to comply with government laws. Currently, CIBS is stacked with regulations from the USA. More product regulations from other geographic locations are now being currently researched upon.

How can APA Engineering help you by avoiding the penalty?  

* A dedicated, full-time staff of chemical engineers, software engineers, and regulatory experts

* Daily monitoring of regulations down to zipping/postal code level

* Easy UI or API to query and answer the question “Can it be sold here”?

APA will be able to adapt and customize CIBS according to the customer’s product type and interests. Our research team will study all the product info given by the customer and reprogram the software (along with the regulations) to the customer’s needs.

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