On July 29th, 2021, IMDS has reactivated the application code - Non-tyre application for PAHs.

Example - Extender oil contains PAH's > 10mg/kg (for tires only) - it will only be available to a reduced list of PAHs (excluding the 8 + 11 PAHs) This is a correction to the application code deactivation on July 21st, 2021 wherein “Non-tyre application” & “Not applicable” were replaced with the following application codes.

  • ● Repetitive skin contact (required according to REACH 1907/2006 EC Annex XVII Entry 50)
  • ● Not applicable (no repetitive skin contact)

Reason for this reactivation

  • 1. Due to application code deactivation on 21st July 2021, there was an issue created for classification 5.3 where the user was able to select only the Application Code for tire use if the material contained certain PAH substances.
  • 2. IMDS has discussed this issue with the Application Code working group of the IMDS Steering Committee. So, the Application Code [39] Non-tyre application will be reactivated for PAHs in Classification 5.3.

The substance Application code modification log is as follows: https://public.mdsystem.com/documents/10906/17094/Substance_Application.xls/fbc8141f-ee30-4e57-a88e-efafb0bad51e?t=1624627521700

Reference: https://public.mdsystem.com/en/web/imds-public-pages/imds-news

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