EU’s first public database of Substances of very high Concern In Products, SCIP is now live. It aims to allow consumers to make more informed purchasing choices and help waste operators to further develop the re-use of articles and the recycling of materials. 

Regulation: WFD - Waste Framework Directive 

Tool: SCIP Database 

Companies that supply articles that contain SVHCs from the REACH Candidate List need to notify SCIP dossiers to ECHA. The prerequisite is that the articles are placed on the EU market containing more than 0.1 % weight by weight of SVHCs. The obligation is effective from 5 January 2021 and is the result of the EU Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC according to Article 9(1)(i) that is revised in 2018.

The notifications are then stored within the SCIP database, which is publicly available throughout the entire lifecycle of products and materials, including the waste stage.

SCIP database makes the technical data from companies for the safe use and enhanced re-use and recycling of the articles. This includes,

  1. 1. information to identify the article
  2. 2. instructions on how to use it safely
  3. 3. the substance of very high concern (SVHC) and its location
  4. 4. the type of fabric during which it’s contained

Approximately 6,000 companies in the European Union have completed their new duty to alert ECHA about products containing SVHCs. At the moment, the database contains over five million article notifications. This figure includes both duplicate notifications for the same article from multiple participants in the EU supply chain, as well as notifications for multiple articles. As a result, ECHA has no direct estimate of how many different items are in the database.

You can look up information by article or brand name, product category, material type, or chemical name. Consumers will be able to make more informed decisions if they examine whether a product includes dangerous chemicals and read the product’s safe use instructions. Waste management facilities can utilize the information to boost re-use and improve recycling procedures.


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