• ⮞ Labeling should be made simple but has many pitfalls, which leads to delays, fines, and disruption in the supply chain.
  • ⮞ Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver products at the speed and convenience that consumers expect, consequently, when a shipment leaves the dock, its labels must correctly match what the customer needs – as well as the requirements of international regulations. In other words, they need to comply with two sets of strict rules governing appearance, composition, and content.
  • ⮞ To combat these challenges, Global companies take a different, “enterprise-centric” approach to labeling.
  • ⮞ Enterprise Labelling gives the power to master labeling variations by automating and applying advanced logic to all labeling processes.
  • ⮞ Enterprise labeling allows firms to comply by making label changes to formats, barcodes, logos, languages, and content including quickly adding industry-specific warnings, and product information to meet global and regional requirements and avoid financial penalties.
  • ⮞ Integrating labeling with enterprise applications lets organizations leverage business processes and ‘sources of truth for label data. Certified integration lets companies automate labeling so they can improve efficiency, accuracy and avoid costly mislabelling.
  • ⮞ The swift solution to master all of these labeling variations is by automating and applying advanced logic to labeling processes. With dynamic labeling, you can maximize support for countless label combinations with minimum effort.
  • ⮞ Finally, by enabling business users, changes and updates can be made by business users in hours or days rather than months so that requirements can swiftly be met and companies can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Reference: https://supplychaindigital.com/logistics/ensuring-compliance-logistics-labelling-regulations

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