The following key changes of IMDS release 13:

SCIP interface

SCIP submission is required only for the products placed on the EU market.

Adding new required attributes and interface to transfer MDSs one by one to SCIP

  1. New datasheets: New SCIP attributes in the SCIP section can be entered
  2. Existing datasheets: Tick the “Assume SCIP Defaults” box for submission
  3. Check the message in the Validation field and can make the SCIP submission only after the message received as “validated successfully”

Multi-sourced parts

  1. Alternative references (or multi-sourced parts) can be added under an empty node
  2. One of them should be defined as “preferred”. Then only weight will be calculated at the end item level

Where-Used Analysis for recycled contents

  1. A new analysis type added for recycled contents in the IMDS data
  2. Added Threshold parameter for every Where-Used Analysis related to substances

Deactivated material classifications

The following material classifications are deactivated. So, the customer might reject the submissions in the future if these material classifications present in the data

  1. 2 Cast Iron
  2. 5.1 Plastics in polymeric compounds
  3. 4 Duromers
  4. 1 Electronics
  5. 2 Electrics

Deactivation of Recommendation IMDS019 Semi-component MDS

As informed priorly, Rec019 datasheets also have been deactivated. The existing datasheets which were already submitted/own MDS data(components) contains Rec019 datasheets that can be sent to the customer since it will lead only warning but, Error appears when creating a component newly (copy new version/datasheet of old one) which directly contains Rec019 datasheets.


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