IMDS release 14.0 is scheduled for Q4 2022/Q1 2023.

Allow structure mix

The change of the alike name introduced in Release 13.2 will be reverted again. Instead, it will be possible to select the purpose of a material or semi-component on the same level as a component (e.g., lubrication). If such a purpose has been selected for all non-component datasheets or nodes on the same level, the warning message will not be displayed. 

Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS)

After each GADSL/SVHC update, references to newly flagged substances marked as confidential in released MDSs will automatically be revealed. Companies will be informed about which MDSs were updated, but manually creating new versions to remove the “confidential” flag will no longer be necessary.

SC90 Checks for Thermoplastics

The SC90 checks for classifications 5.1. a and 5.1.b will be expanded to assure that the correct classification is selected based on the portion of filler substances within the material. A new substance group will be introduced for substances that can be used as fillers and other purposes (e.g., as pigments). When using such substances within filled thermoplastics (5.1.a), their purpose can be selected. The selected purpose will determine whether they will be treated as fillers by the new SC90 check or not.

Mandatory address data in requests and MDS rejections

Providing contact information will become compulsory in MDS requests and when rejecting an MDS.

Check for old MDSs

A warning message will be shown in the check when referencing sending/proposing very old datasheets.

Chemical Recycling and Renewable Parts

New options for recyclate content besides the existing post-industrial and post-consumer mechanical recycling will be introduced.


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