CMRT 6.1 was released on April 28, 2021. As the survey for this year is going to start soon, the RMI has released this new template only for the 3TG minerals. However, for the other minerals like Cobalt and Mica, the template remains the same.

RMI recommends each of the suppliers as well as the customers to use the CMRT templates 6.01 or 6.1 for this current reporting year.

The updates that are brought to this template 6.1 are as follows:

• Various errors and bugs in the template in the formulae and automatic pop-ups have been corrected and fixed along with the checker tab using the feedback received from the members using it by the RMI.

• Various translations have been corrected. For example, when the language is changed from English to other languages, some questions were found as a mismatch or repeated instead of the original question. (Question QA in Korean was Question Q4 previously). So, by making corrections it would be helpful for the suppliers to give the correct responses, and also the language barrier can be avoided as well.

• The smelter Reference List has been updated now and the updated list can be found in the below link RMI Smelter Reference List and also the revision history is also available under the link provided here Revision History.

• The smelter lookup that is found in the CMRT Template is also updated according to the latest Smelter Reference List.

The next version of the CMRT is anticipated to be released in the Spring of 2022.

Some additional resources for the CMRT survey are provided below for reference:

Guide on how to fill CMRT

Guide to fill Questions Q3 & Q4 concerning CAHRA


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