There are about 7 enhancements that are to be done in IMDS 13.0 release*

●  Wizard for metal materials:

i. This wizard will help us when we are choosing the standard material number and also Material MDS (MMDS).

ii. If standard MMDS already exists, then it shows us when it was released or referenced.

●  Support for multi-sourcing (multiple supply parts):

i. This one can be used only for the components.

ii. So with this, it would be helpful for us when there is a need to have a reference for alternative MDS’s for one component, which is the same component but from different suppliers.

●  Application code:

i. Each application codes are concerning some threshold limit.

ii. But when we attach substance under material and if its application codes are to be given, then it will not display all the application codes to be chosen from.

iii. Only the application codes that are present concerning the threshold given for that specific substance only would be displayed.

●  Where used analysis enhancement -> Threshold:

i. An additional threshold parameter (from/to value) to be introduced to where the used analysis for some specific options like:

a. Substance

b. Substance List

c. Substance Group


e. Application Code

●  Where used analysis enhancement -> Recyclate:

i. New analysis option to be implemented in where used analysis to find the various MDS’s that contain a defined portion of the recyclate contents in materials of certain classifications.

●  Recyclate Information:

i. We all know that during creation, recyclate information can be given only when the recyclate containing material is being added to component or semi component.

ii. But now it can be added directly at the MMDS level by the supplier of that material itself.

iii. For existing MDS’s also the current will be applied

●  Addition of new Attributes:

i. New attribute fields for newly created components will be introduced:

a. Article category

b. Production in the EU

c. Safe use instructions

ii. Existing MDSs can also be assigned to these attributes by creating a new version.

iii. Additionally, it will be possible to transfer MDSs one by one to the SCIP database.

*These are the preliminary information provided by IMDS at this juncture.



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