ECHA has proposed 8 new substances on 8 February 2022 which are likely to be added to the REACh Authorization List. The 8 new substances are published on ECHA’s official website and are open for public comments until 8 May 2022. Once after receiving opinions from various stakeholders, ECHA may recommend European Commission to include the below 8 substances in the REACh Authorization List (Annex XIV to REACH).  Name CAS number  SVHC-relevant intrinsic property
1 2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)propionaldehyde and its individual stereoisomers Toxic for reproduction
2 2-benzyl-2-dimethylamino-4′-morpholinobutyrophenone 119313-12-1 Toxic for reproduction
3 2-methyl-1-(4-methylthiophenyl)-2-morpholinopropan-1-one 71868-10-5 Toxic for reproduction
4 Diisohexyl phthalate 71850-09-4 Toxic for reproduction
5 Ethylenediamine 107-15-3 Respiratory sensitizing properties
6 Glutaral 111-30-8 Respiratory sensitizing properties
7 Lead 7439-92-1 Toxic for reproduction
8 Orthoboric acid, sodium salt 13840-56-7 Toxic for reproduction

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