A plastic resins and petrochemicals supplier from Texas was reprimanded by the Environmental protection agency (EPA) for violating the Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions of the Clean Air Act (CAA) at its petrochemical manufacturing plant. The company has reached an agreement with EPA to pay $2.85 million in fines and also to refine its risk management program

The EPA recorded 20 violations made by the company. The urge to conduct an investigation was fueled by the accidental release of extremely hazardous substances to the environment, series of fires, and explosions at the manufacturing plant.

The company has been requested by the EPA to update its protection plans to mitigate injuries to workers and also to take necessary steps to rectify their risk management practices. Under the Clean air act, manufacturing plants are instructed to avoid all health hazards, construct a safe facility, prevent leakage or accidental releases of hazardous substances and comply with regulatory compliance. Failing to comply with any of these requirements increases the risk of accidents considerably and threatens surrounding communities

Reference: https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/texas-plastics-corporation-will-pay-nearly-3-million-violating-clean-air-act-0

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