Five chemicals were addressed to the next level of the review process under the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Review Committee (POPRC) to the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Also, there is a feasibility to consider the sixth chemical for the elimination of production and use. Due to the persistence, bioaccumulation, long-range environmental transport (LRET), and adverse effects (POPs characteristics as laid out in Convention Annex D) of three chemicals, POPRC consideration action was taken into account

The chemicals are as follows

  • • Chlorpyrifos,
  • • Chlorinated paraffin (with carbon chain lengths in the range C14-17 and chlorination levels at or exceeding 45% by weight, ) and
  • • Long-chain perfluoro carboxylic acids (LC-PFCAs), their salts, and related compounds

These chemicals were taken into further review (Annex E) process The remaining two substances (UV-328 and Dechlorane Plus) which were already in review process under (Annex E), the POPRC followed a precautionary approach, agreed global action is warranted and moved the chemicals to the final review stage. At last, RAC and SEAC together finalized the pesticide methoxychlor to list under the Convention Annex A (eliminate its production and use), with the recommendation of COP

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