On August 17, 2020, The California Air Resources Board settled 44 cases involving air quality violations by companies that manufactured consumer products that exceeded California’s limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over the past 18 months. These settlements mitigated more than 172 tons of excess VOC emissions and 24 tons of toxic air contaminant emissions. These products are mainly ranged from solvents to air fresheners and hair sprays.

The first person of supply chain queue, manufacturers serves a critical role in formulating products that are compliant with California Air Quality standards. Manufacturers are expected to be familiar with CARB regulations, to take enough quality control measures, and to label their products which must be used for the applicable category. Also, they must consistently inform distributors and retailers about product compliance. CARB Enforcement Division states that “These products are used daily in almost every California household. Manufacturers don’t normally sell directly to consumers, but they do control product formulations. Manufacturers need to notify their sales partners of their products’ compliance status so that consumers are protected before the product is even sold,”

For viewing the list of case settlements of CARB, click here.

Reference: https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/


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