The European product categorization system (EuPCS) has been updated with changes for e-liquids, medical devices, alloys, and pyrotechnic products. The EuPCS is now also available in 23 EU languages together with updated support material.

The changes include:

● Splitting the category ‘e-liquids and mixtures for electronic cigarettes (PC-ELQ)’ into ‘e-liquids for electronic cigarettes PC-ELQ-1’ and ‘Mixtures for e-liquids PC-ELQ-2’

● New categories for ‘Medical devices for cleaning and disinfection (PC-MED-1)’, ‘Other medical devices (PC-MED-OTH)’ and ‘Alloys PC-TEC-25’

● Merging pyrotechnic categories ‘PC-PYR-1’ to ‘PC-PYR-4’, and ‘PC-PYR-OTH’ into one category: ‘Pyrotechnic products (PC-PYR)’

The EuPCS will be included in the poison centre notification format and made available in the dossier preparation tools in October together with the next IUCLID release.

An updated EuPCS practical guide is also available to support with the categorization of mixtures according to their intended use.



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