The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has prepared a catalogue of measures, which examines 11 selected measures aimed at increasing the recycling of the waste in Denmark. The report majorly sets out the environmental and climate results, as well as the economic consequences for the individual instruments.

The major purpose of this catalogue is to provide an insight into how several different instruments can contribute to supporting the EU objectives for recycling. In addition to that, the purpose is to describe the environmental and economic consequences of the introduction of the instruments. The officials are claiming that the instruments described range widely from requirements for collection schemes, information campaigns, requirements for separate collection to requirements in tenders (on limited loss rates). For each instrument, there is a description of the current situation and of how an implementation of the instrument will affect the amounts of waste collected for recycling, as well as the environmental and economic consequences. The environmental effects of increased recycling are calculated based on the different fractions of waste that are moved from e.g. incineration for recycling through which the business and socio-economic as well as government financial consequences for the individual instruments can be calculated.




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