The European Commission has announced its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability as part of the European Green Deal. ECHA welcomes the strategy and looks forward to supporting its execution.

The chemicals strategy highlights that the chemicals are abecedarian for society and a robust frame is needed to make the legislation stronger and further coherent.

It’ll be more helpful to cover the people from the dangerous chemicals and to produce a poisonous-free terrain. ECHA can play a crucial part in numerous of these areas with its scientific and specialized capabilities.

As the European citizens are concerned about chemicals, ECHA wishes to address their enterprises. ECHA would like to perform its part in making this strategy successful by assisting the Commission and EU Member States together with their stakeholders. ECHA will contribute in three areas collecting, publishing, and assessing data on chemicals to stimulate invention towards safer druthers; icing that laws are enforced more efficiently and constantly; and speeding up chemicals threat operation in the EU.

ECHA’s vision is to be the center of knowledge on the sustainable operation of chemicals, serving a wide range of EU programs and global enterprise, for the benefit of citizens and the terrain. The EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability aims to simplify and strengthen EU rules on chemicals to cover people and the terrain.

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