On Aug 26, 2020, the US Environmental protection agency (EPA) has released its Interim Final list of businesses that are subjected to fees paid for the twenty chemicals that are termed as high priority for risk evaluation under the Toxic substances control Act.

EPA states that this interim final list will provide a big opportunity for all the business & stakeholding companies that are involved to analyze and outreach so that they could do consortium with one another on sharing the payment of the fees.



EPA developed this interim final list using the preliminary list of fees payers that was released earlier in January 2020 under which the manufacturers & importers were provided the report on the production of these 20 high priority chemicals along with feedback from the general public during the comment period. EPA has been planning & working on simultaneously to release the final list of manufacturers, importers & other businesses along with the final scope of documents for the 20 high priority chemicals.

If your company is listed on the final list, then for any queries & clarifications, you could contact Mr. Lynn Vendinello, Deputy Director, Chemical Control Division, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, U.S. EPA directly or through the mail ID [email protected].

List of Business under Interim Final report can be found the following link: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2020-08/documents/interim_final_lists_of_manufacturers_by_chemicalaugust2020.pdf

Reference link: https://www.epa.gov/tsca-fees/interim-final-list-fee-payers-next-20-risk-evaluations


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