Consumers in the European Union now have access to a database of toxic chemicals in their daily using products. The new database contains information gathered and submitted by nearly 6000 companies after their complete research, which required let to know ECHA if they are the suppliers of products that contain SVHC (the substance of very high concern) which exceeds the threshold limit of more than 0.1% by weight. ECHA recently announced the database access program all over the European Union. This Initiative brings up the consumer to know about the chemical information on their consumer products and step back from toxic substance usage.

Lead and its compounds included in the database are the most commonly occurring substances in electric components such as batteries, automotive parts, and crystal ware. ECHA received more than 4 million notifications, but it is unclear how many products are associated with their submission report and analysis. Multiple companies submitted notifications for the same product. In other cases, companies submitted one final report for multiple products.

ECHA executive director Bjorn Hansen stated that the database is intended to provide information and guide consumers about the products they purchase. In the same way, the program will assist waste operators in safely reusing and recycling items. It will assist to track products containing substances of very high concern until they reach the waste stage, supporting the goals of a circular economy.


Reference: EU Release Databases

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