The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has published the final risk Evaluation for 1- Bromopropane (1- BP) on Aug 11, 2020. EPA states that after evaluating they could find in 16 out of 25 conditions of use, 1- BP causes unreasonable risk on workers, occupational non- users, consumers, and even bystanders. Other than the above cases EPA couldn’t find any unreasonable risks to the Environment or General public.



The further step of EPA following this Final risk evaluation must be analyzing & developing a plan to eliminate or reduce the unreasonable risks that are found on this evaluation. EPA defines the usage of the 1-BP as a solvent for various chemical & industrial applications and also as a reactant in the manufacturing of other chemical substances. Commercial usage as solvents is mostly vapor degreasing, dry cleaning, spot cleaners, stain removers, adhesives, sealants, and automobile care products.

EPA declares the substance under unreasonable risks based on the factors such as hazardousness & exposure range, the magnitude of risks, uncertainties, etc. So, some of the key points in the findings of EPA’ risk Evaluation on 1-BP are as follows:

● No unreasonable risk to the environment

● No unreasonable risk to the general population

● No unreasonable risk to health under Manufacturing Processing, Distribution in commerce, Disposal & Commercial and consumer uses of building and construction materials

● Unreasonable risks to Workers and ONUs

● Unreasonable risks to Consumers and bystanders

EPA’s Risk Evaluation for 1- BP can be found in detail under the following link:


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