• • The Triman totem and Infotri marker will come obligatory for manufacturers of electrical and electronic ménage appliances and batteries in 2022. The Triman totem is a symbol in force in France that stands for the recyclability of a product and it means that this product is collected independently and subject to extended patron responsibility. The Infotri marker contains important sorting information for end consumers
  • • Which labeling applies to ménage appliances (B2C products)?
  • • Consumer Information on Sorting Rules consists of the Triman symbol together with Info-tri giving detailed sorting instructions
  • • This marker information applies to any Household Product put on the request
  • • As a matter of principle, Consumer Information on Sorting Rules must be displayed on the product, its packaging, or, failing that, in the other documents supplied with the product ( instruction pamphlet, guarantee document, etc)
  • • Still, these arrangements should be detailed item by item, If several rudiments of the product are subject to different sorting arrangements. For illustration, for a TV set, the power cord, and the remote control, the Info-tri marker should specifically relate to each accessory
  • • The European Crossed-out Caddy symbol can be used rather than the Triman symbol for EEE, movable Batteries, Photovoltaic Panels, and Lights
  • • The Crossed-out Caddy symbol – rather of the Triman – in Information to Consumers on Sorting Rules doesn’t remove the obligation to display the Crossed-out Caddy on the Product, as needed by EU regulations
  • • For Electrical and Electronic Equipment that uses movable Batteries or Beacon Bulbs, a single Consumer Information on Sorting Rules is sufficient (« This Device and its Battery are recyclable»,« This Beacon and its Bulb are recyclable» etc)

What deadlines apply?

  • • Triman Info-tri must be applied to new products by 15th December of 2022
  • • Stocks can still be vented off until 15 June 2023

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