1. Recommendation on how to handle DBT & DOT substances

On 05-Jun-2020, As according to  REACH, for Dibutyltin (DBT) compounds the restriction applies to articles and parts thereof, for Dioctyltin (DOT) compounds this restriction applies only for special applications so DXC technology comes with a new version of recommendation on how to handle DBT and DOT substances in IMDS in order to have IMDS user a clear idea on the use of these substances.

Click the below link to view the full details of recommendation:


2. IMDS Steering Committe Updated the Recommendation 019

On 8th June, On behalf of the IMDS Steering Committee (SC) Mr Matthew Griffin stated that decided to deactivate REC019 published datasheets in IMDS.

IMDS Steering Committe agreed to postpone the deactivation of REC019 and published materials until Release 13 of IMDS, which is planned for Q1, 2021.

This postponement does not remove the responsibilities of the supply chain to ensure that their data is accurate and fulfils the following requirements:

●  All legally required substances contained in the supplied parts must be reported (e.g. GADSL listed substances, REACH Candidate List Substances, etc).

●  measures include providing a budget for training and consultancy services to ensure that smaller businesses are meeting their compliance requirements.

●  All application codes required to determine compliance to the End of Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EC) must be declared.

●  Rec019 published material may only be used if there is full knowledge of the declarable substance composition of the reported components. It must not be used as a “wildcard” if this knowledge is not available.

The continued use of the REC019 materials should only be used as a last resort and with the required diligence.

For more details: https://public.mdsystem.com/documents/10906/16811/IMDS+REC019+SC+Information+Letter+20200608


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