1. Annex IMDS001a to Recommendation IMDS001

The DXC technology updates the Annex IMDS001a to Recommendation IMDS001.

These changes will be effective in IMDS from October 22, 2020.

Reference: https://public.mdsystem.com/documents/10906/16811/imds_recommendation_001_annex_I.pdf/68d3eaca-e6f7-4a30-8181-a2d81c6bae49

2. IMDS Recommendation 018 to be deactivated

The DXC technology to deactivate IMDS Recommendation 018 Automotive Glazing Parts deactivated from October 8, 2020. This recommendation describes the general requirement for the creation of material datasheets in IMDS for Automotive Glazing Parts, window screens, side, and rear mirror and partition glass within vehicles. Other glass applications like mirrors or headlamps have not been considered within this recommendation

Reference: https://public.mdsystem.com/web/imds-public-pages/imds-news

3. Update of IMDS Recommendation 004 now valid

30-Jul-2020, The updated version of IMDS Recommendation 004 from 30th April 2020 is now valid in IMDS. This recommendation outlines the general requirements for the creation of Material Data Sheets (MDS) for fiber products. The recommendation describes Man-made Fibres and Natural Fibres following ISO 2076 and ISO 6938. It shall be used to report comprehensive fibre product compositions thus enabling the automobile manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with legal and proprietary requirements. The description of a fibre material product should include the base fibre substances, pigment portions, flame retardants, or water/dust repelling substances as they remain in/on the product. Substances that do not remain on the product, e.g. if they are washed out in a washing process, need not be declared.

Reference: https://public.mdsystem.com/documents/10906/16811/imds_recommendation_004_textiles.pdf/06a0b0b5-b2eb-432f-81bc-71f51a3d3f64



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