We all know IMDS 13.1 was released on 26-Jun,2022 with major and minor changes, and now the IMDS committee has planned to release the 13.2 revision on April 27th, 2022 Below are the changes that were planned:

1. Add Warning for Application Code “Other Application (potentially prohibited)” : 

The Application Code “Other Application (potentially prohibited)” and with this new release, a warning will be generated for own and received MDS

2. Change Warning on invalid Application Codes, if no other Application Code is applicable :  

  • • For some substances that are not application relevant or invalid application codes for legacy MDSs, IMDS generated a warning stating invalid application codes
  • • Now no warning will be given if no Application Code is applicable for the substance in question

3. Availability of Application Code “Concentration within GADSL Limits”  

  • • Previously application codes would be used when each substance related to the application is below the threshold limit of 0.1 & 0.01% respectively 
  • • Now application codes can be used if the sum of all substances in the group is below the threshold 

4. Add Warning if Forwarding is not allowed  

  • • IMDS will now show the warning if the forwarding not allowed is enabled (when we do not allow forwarding) y 
  • • This will make the sender aware of the importance of Forwarding in IMDS  

5. Different node types on the same level  

The following fields will be added to the Component Hunt in IMDS

  • • There is an update in the warning because of the involvement of SCIP and Reach that this structure mix is only allowed if you have added materials that are not considered articles themselves but are added to existing articles
  • • This is because, in SCIP, all individual components are considered as individual articles

6. Calculate recycling quote on top-node material  

In case you have a plastic material consisting of other plastic materials, you will now be able to automatically calculate the recyclate information for the top-node material

Reference:IMDS 13.2

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