Previously IMDS has restricted usage of five classifications for certain materials. Among them 5.5.2 Textiles (in polymeric compounds) has a major credit to get restricted for usage. In order of helping the Material suppliers, IMDS has outlined some general requirements for the creation of Material Data Sheets (MDS) for textile & fibre products.

Materials can be textiles, fabrics, fleece which are used for seats or seat belts. Listed below is the basic guideline for the MDS creation of these materials.

Composition of the Material:

The fibre should be built up with homogeneous material which contains three kind of substances

1.  Base Material (Fibre),

2.  Pigments and

3.  Additives

Base Material- For textiles often man-made fibres or natural fibres are used. MDS creators can find these substances in the IMDS substance list by searching “man-made fibre” or “natural fibre”

Pigments- At certain cases, the fibres have several contents of pigments (man-made fibres) or they are colored by a coloring agent. The contents of this agent/pigments which remains on (or in) the fibre must be declared. If the substances are part of GADSL, they must be declared with their scientific name. On other case, the MDS creator can use wild card “Pigment portion, not to declare” or they can describe the material by using the highest content of color/pigments

Further Additives- Additives like flame retardants or water/dust repelling substances as they remain on the product must be declared. If they are part of GADSL, they must be declared with their scientific name.




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