27-January-2022, The below are the advancements Enforced in the IMDS13.1 (26-January-2022) release.

1. Visibility of advising about recyclate exceeding the maximum range of 20  

There’s a check-in place to corroborate that the recyclate information is set with a maximum range of 20. This check does induce a warning. This check did only work on the creator side if the MDS was in edit mode. With Release13.1 this check will also be performed on released MDSs and philanthropist side.

2. Allow multiple S2S Keys per Org-Unit  

With Release13.1 Company Directors will be suitable to upload multiple S2S Keys per Org-Unit. Rather than a single S2S Key, you’ll have a list of your S2S Keys, to which you can add new S2S Keys and cancel being bones. When doing a SCIP Submission, the stoner can no longer do a homemade S2S Crucial upload for the submission but will get the list of S2S Keys for the applicable Org-Unit or root company to choose from. However, it’ll be set as dereliction for the submission, If there’s only one S2S Key for the Org-Unit.

3. Count bracket 9. x in SCIP Cessions  

When doing a SCIP Submission from IMDS with an MDS containing SVHC in accouterments of bracket 9. x, you’ll be suitable to elect, whether these accouterments will be included in the submitted Dossier. In the SCIP Submission Screen and the details of MDSs you’ll see, whether cessions have been done including or banning the 9. x groups.

4. Add SCIP Attributes to Component Hunt Results  

The following fields will be added to the Component Hunt in IMDS

  • Rearmost Submission Date
  • SCIP No.
  • Submission No.
  • Product in the EU *
  • SVHC safe use instruction needed *

The below fields with an asterisk will be hidden by dereliction. You can unhide these columns via the “ View” menu just above the hunt result. In case you have hidden columns in the hunt result screen, there will be a note, informing you about this.

5. Change in editing Operation Canons and Morals  

Presently, you can only edit Application Canons and Morals if you double-click on the separate table in the MDS details. With Release13.1, there will be an edit button above separate tables, with which you can edit the Operation Canons or Morals. This button will help druggies understand how to add and change Application Canons.

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