As IUCLID releases a new version every year and is made available for all users, this year IUCLID releases contain not only fixes and improvements but also changes to the IUCLID format.

The OECD Harmonized Templates has been updated in IUCLID this year

For example the simplification of the confidentiality claim types or the reorganization of the fields to store full study reports.

  • . To maintain activities at the level of the format extensions for New Zealand, Australia
  • · At the EU level, for several pieces of legislation.
    • · REACH
    • · CLP (including PCN)
    • · SCIP
    • · Plant protection products
  • · The user interface of IUCLID is improved

For example:

  • The upload of data to repeatable blocks from a text file (CSV)
  • The export of a listing of entities
  • The interpretation of the conception of a new substance based on a source substance
  • The printing of the IUCLID content in editable format, RTF, in adding to PDF
  • An enhanced data visualization for mandatory sections and confidential fields
  • Better sorting of the content of the validation assistant report.

These changes have been updated in the user manual which can be accessed within the IUCLID itself or you can access the full release notes and download the new version of the software on the IUCLID website.

In the week of the release, ECHA cloud service users have their installations upgraded automatically.

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