ECHA continued mapping registered substances to identify those involving risk management or more data to verify hazards. This development holds us on target to measure all registered substances by 2027.

In parallel, around 530 substances registered at lower production volumes (registered at 1–100 tonnes per year) were also evaluated.

These activities bring us closer to realizing the regulatory needs of all substances registered above one tonne by 2027.

A new group called ‘assessment of regulatory needs’ has been introduced to show which substances go through a group evaluation. In 2021, ECHA evaluated 1900 substances and grouped them based on their demand for regulatory action.

ECHA issued the first batch of group evaluations in December 2021. If you want to know the groups to which your substances have been assigned, you can download a full list from ECHA’s website.

The annual report of ECHA’s incorporated regulatory strategy, to be published later this year, will include a complete analysis of the mapping process and the proposed regulatory actions


The mapping of registered substances, also called the chemical universe, helps Member States and EU authorities focus on substances of potential concern and detect the right regulatory actions. This mapping provides transparency on the work of authorities and the improvement made in regulating chemicals in the EU.

Through the mapping, upcoming regulatory actions are more easily predicted, and this helps companies to get ready in time. 

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