On August 25, 2020, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator launched an innovation challenge to identify solutions to destroy PFAS. The Innovative Ways to Destroy PFAS Challenge is a partnership between federal and states agencies seeking detailed plans for a non-thermal technology to destroy PFAS in concentrated aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), a type of firefighting foam. The goal of this challenge is to discover new non-thermal technologies and approaches that can remove at least 99 percent of PFAS in unused AFFF, without creating any harmful byproducts.

States are working with the EPA to look for ways to address PFAS contamination and destroy the chemicals once they are collected. This provides the opportunity to access national and international experts to assist in eliminating the contaminant. PFAS compounds are hard to destroy because of their unique chemical characteristics. Currently, EPA is investigating all methods of destroying PFAS. Incineration has been used to treat PFAS-contaminated media, and EPA scientists are collaborating with the private sector to evaluate the effectiveness of thermal treatment technologies to destroy PFAS.

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Reference: https://www.epa.gov/


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