National enforcement authorities and customs inspectors checked almost 1400 products, with more than 300 (23 %) found to be non-compliant with certain obligations under REACH and the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulations.

● The majority of the checks focusing on the presence of the restricted substances cadmium, lead, and nickel in articles. Out of 1225, 17 % of the products had amounts of the restricted substances above the required limit. Products that are checked for restriction obligations (79 %) and those found to be non-compliant (74 %) mostly came from China, as well as from the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, North Macedonia, and Madagascar.

● For CLP, 167 products were checked and 64 % were found to be non-compliant. Most of them are related to labeling requirements, commonly a lack of national language, and lack of or use of incorrect pictograms and signal words on the hazard label.

● As a result, Importers need to intensify their efforts to supply safe products that are compliant with REACH and CLP.

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