The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) of the California Environmental Protection Agency announced the publication of Public Health Goals (PHGs) for four trihalomethanes (THMs) found in drinking water as a result of the following disinfection methods:

    1. Chloroform
    2. Bromoform
    3. Bromodichloromethane (BDCM) and
    4. Dibromochloromethane (DBCM)

PHG is the level of a drinking water contaminant at which adverse health effects are not expected to occur from a lifetime of exposure.  PHGs published by OEHHA are considered by the State Water Resources Control Board in setting drinking water standards (Maximum Contaminant Levels, or MCLs) for California. The technical support document, posted on the OEHHA website( , presents the scientific information available on the toxicity of the THMs and the calculation of the PHGs.

OEHHA also presents health-protective drinking water concentrations for non-cancer health effects for the THMs.


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