1. SCIP database to be launched in late October 2020

During the last week of October, the SCIP database will formally open for submitting notifications to comply with the legal obligation – months in advance of the entry into application date. The obligation to submit data to SCIP starts to apply from 5 January 2021, as outlined in the Waste Framework Directive.

Reference :https://echa.europa.eu/it/scip-database

2. Submission portal updated – SCIP database

With the updated ECHA submission portal, you can submit a simplified SCIP notification. This reduces your workload if you supply the same product that an upstream supplier has already notified to the database. As a distributor, you can link your SCIP notification to those of your suppliers if they supply the same product as you. You can now also notify a complex object by referring to information already submitted to the database. The submission portal’s search and export features have also been improved.

Reference :https://echa.europa.eu/scip-database

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